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The CL02 is an ultra-light French helicopter complying with "class 6" of the decree of September 23, 1998 relating to motorized ultra-light aircraft (ULM).


Its construction is based on a heavily modified Robinson R22 structure and mechanics.


The main modification concerns the engine. That of the R22 is a large piston engine which weighs 140 kg with its equipment. That of the CL02 is a Rolls Royce turbine which weighs only 39 kg.

It is this immense weight gain - 101kg - which has enabled the CL02 to fully comply with the weight and power conditions allowing it to be identified in the class 6 ULM category.

Other major modifications were necessary such as the transmission, the clutch, the electrical circuit, the instrumentation, the development of an elaborate electronic device to control the turbo engine, sequence the start and monitor any faults.


The result in terms of performance is breathtaking!


With a weight reduction of 25% and a power identical to that of the original R22, the CL02 allows with two people on board vertical take-offs with exceptional climb rates.


The combination of proven mechanics and a turbine engine known for its reliability and regularity makes the CL02 a very safe helicopter.


A version with new composite blades is under study and will require a new flight test program. An additional tank to bring autonomy to 3:45 is also planned.



Claude LESCURE's initial project concerned the transformation of certified factory helicopters (with pistons) into ULM helicopters (Class 6 in France) not requiring certification.


In France and until CL02, there was no piston helicopter that could respect the ULM classification. The only existing models are all foreign and have trouble respecting the maximum take-off weight of 500 kg and the empty weight of 310 kg.


For the conduct of his project, Claude Lescure carried out the transformation of his own certified factory helicopter of the Robinson R22 type.


This transformation allowed the lowering of the empty weight of the R22 by 25% to reach 300.8 kg and thus a maximum take-off weight of 500 kg in operation. His certified Robinson R22 thus became the non-certified CL02 Class 6 ULM helicopter.


This transformation essentially consisted of replacing the Lycoming piston engine with a 40kg Rolls Royce turbine and required numerous modifications such as those to the engine mount, transmission, electrical network, dashboard, electrical generator, etc.


These modifications carried out on the Robinson R22 can then be duplicated on other similar models of light piston helicopters certified with other models of equivalent or similar turbines.


In the event of total failure of the electrical circuit (Alternator and batteries) the CL02 can continue to fly in complete safety.


All these modifications have been the subject of in-depth work and are in the process of filing patents via the procedures in force with the INPI.



Claude LESCURE, the designer and builder of the CL02 wishes to share his work by helping all those who want to embark on this same project.

Being really happy to have succeeded, he enjoys every day the flights he performs with his CL02, reliable and efficient, with the great administrative freedom that the practice of microlight allows.


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